Custom Plastic Injection Molding

Your Products, Taking Shape

When a company builds exceptional injection molds for 5 decades, you'd expect them to know a thing or two about the molding process itself. You'd be right.

A Trusted Leader

Over 35 years ago, Eclipse Mold entered the injection molding industry after years of building high-quality molds for the industry. The experience and knowledge of our staff consistently assists Fortune 500 companies with both existing projects and the development of new, untested programs to ensure they receive injection molded products that consistently meet their demands on time.

Quality Assurance

Plastic Injection MoldingFrom miniscule- to medium-sized and prototype to production, every product that takes shape in an Eclipse-built mold is produced using a preventative, quality assurance approach, not just a simple quality control measure. This approach utilizes a planned procedure that is executed before, during and after the manufacturing process to ensure that your job is always done right.

With full-process control capabilities, like closed-loop control and monitoring, our commitment to quality is one that breaks the mold.

Services Provided

Whether you're in it for the short-run or the long haul, Eclipse Mold has the equipment to produce your custom plastic parts. Two-shot molding, gas assisted molding, insert molding, decorated product and tight tolerance parts with sub assembly - we utilize the best in the industry to get the job done. We also offer Celanese MetaLX Metal-Effect which gives your molded parts a metallic look while saving you money and helping the environment. Toyo All Electric, Engel Two-Shot and the workhorse Van Dorn make up our press catalog of up to 950 tons. Our plants also run on a three-shift, 24-hour production cycle, keeping the assembly lines running at peak efficiency so we are always ready to handle a production emergency.




With the combination of injection molding fundamentals and non-traditional manufacturing techniques, like gas-assisted molding and The GCP Process, it's easy to see how Eclipse Mold makes better parts.


Molding Types

Eclipse Mold is proficient in a number of injection molding types, including:
  • Two-shot molding
  • Single -shot molding
  • Insert molding
  • Over molding
  • Gas assisted
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